1 A public webpage for users to demonstrate verified Competence
An optional webpage for users to demonstrate verufied Competence

A personal webpage to demonstrate Verified Competence

The Method Competency Register allows engineers to switch on and control access to their own competency webpage, which has a unique URL address. The page displays the competency level achieved for each competency Task – together with the verification status.

The page can be used to demonstrate to peers, managers and clients a user’s competence status. The page can be easily added to social media (see this guide to add the webpage to Linkedin).

Page status options. The user is able to switch their public page between the following status options.

OFF Not visible to the public
ON WITH PASSWORD PROTECTED ACCESS The user sets a password – the competency webpage can only be viewed by those who have been given the password by the user
ON ALL THE TIME Can be viewed by all. Will be found by suitable search engine enquiries.

Example of a user's page

View the demonstration page as a webpage here /methodcompreg.com/profile/24/xxxx/verified-competency-register-for-tom-f-shed/

What the page shows

In this example you can see that "Tom F Shed" has verified tasks for 61511, 61508, HRA and Cyber. The public page does not show all of the detail behind each task. it shows just enough to provide evidence of competence per task.

Within the register there is a lot more information lncluding details of each activity within the tasks.

How to administer the page

The user has a control panel that they use to add competency activity information, update their account information, and switch on or off the public page. The website generates the unique url which the user can distribute selectively, add to social media, or publish on google.

For more information on the Competency Register please contact us..